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About London Sivan Kovil

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Anbe Sivam (Love is God) :

Welcome to the Official London Sivan Kovil website. Located in Lewisham, the London Sivan Kovil is reconstructed in accordance to the ancient Saiva scriptures. Once completed, the temple will be the first of its kind in Europe as a traditional Lord Shiva temple.

We hope that this site is informative and enlightening so as to help devotees and those interested to gain a greater understanding of the Temple and Saivism. This site is regularly updated so as to ensure that all devotees are continually informed about on going temple activities and services which include: Special Events/Festivals, the London Sivan Kovil Orphanage and Community/Cultural services. Please follow the links on this page to find out more and if there are any specific questions you would like to ask please Contact Us.

May Lord Annamalaiyar and His Divine Consort Unnamulai Amman shower their blessings upon you!

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